the day the music died
Repair and Restoration

Not only do we bring the dead back to life, we specialize in refining the musicality of your equipment by selectively modifying individual elements. We also provide meticulous restorations of vintage equipment, especially valve (vacuum tube) components.

In addition, we are the U. S. service center for Audiomat, Audio Note, C. E. C., Gamut and Rega.

is my music musical?
Audio System Appraisals

The arrangement of your audio components within the architectural space has a profound effect upon the sound of the music. We offer on-site appraisals to identify improvements that can be made to the configuration of your system.

hearing is believing
Component Recommendations and System Design

A quarter century of critical listening experience and equipment evaluation enables us to match complementary components giving the best musical performance possible. Whether you are considering new speaker cables or a home installation, we create systems designed to accommodate your musical tastes, financial considerations, and listening environments.

out with the old, in with the new
Used Equipment Appraisals

Buying used equipment can be an opportunity to acquire high-quality sound for considerably less than the original price. We give comprehensive appraisals of previously owned products so that you can make informed purchases with confidence. In addition, we have an extensive network of sources to help you locate or sell specific components.